Sonia Langham stems from Texas, a state that has a history for producing some of the biggest country music icons.  She also comes from a family whose roots are the very definitions of country.  Inspired by classic icons Tanya Tucker, Dolly Parton and Pat Benatar, this talented entertainer began honing her craft in the living room performing for her parents and siblings.   

Sonia spent most of her childhood living in the outskirts of Houston, Texas; a small town with big hospitality named Splendora.  The small town characteristics that everyone in a small community knows your business taught Langham the importance of kindness and integrity. 

“When you live in a small town, everyone in town knows when you screw up or do something not very becoming of your character, so I learned from an early age the importance of trying to do what’s right & being kind to one another.” 

As an adolescent, Sonia and her family moved around a lot before settling in to Splendora.  Being forced to meet and befriend new people on a frequent basis turned her into a social butterfly.  This quality set her up for success when it came to stepping in to the spotlight. 

In high school, Sonia took advantage of the spotlight opportunities by getting involved with choir and drama.  This began to shape her ability to control her vocals, perform a variety of genres and evolve a stage presence that fans love about her today. 

“I loved getting involved with extra-curricular activities in school.  Choir and Drama were my absolute favorites.  I tried track once but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.” 

Not knowing where her passion for music might take her, after high school, Sonia began working on a secondary career path by becoming a licensed cosmetologist.  Oddly enough, working as a cosmetologist and later opening her own salon shaped her for the long, hard hours required in the music industry and forwarded her an opportunity to continue entertaining & living out her passion for music. 

“I constantly had customers backed in to a chair as a cosmetologist so it gave me a captive audience to sing to on a daily basis and build relationships with.  Who knew that this daily practice would be the beginning of my fan base?” 

Sonia’s musical influences showed her the importance of drawing in a crowd and capturing their attention.  Her high-energy & bubbly personality commands attention when she steps on to the stage night after night.  From the moment the lights come up, her fans know they’re in for a fun, party atmosphere performance that they won’t soon forget. 

“I love how music can bring back memories and make you feel emotions that you may have forgotten about or perhaps had locked away.  Whether good ones or bad ones.” 

Sonia Langham’s debut single, “I’m Sorry”, which recently hit country radio across the country, showcases the extraordinary production talents of veteran Nashville musician and Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells.  “I am really excited to be a part of Sonia’s team. I truly believe that her Bonnie Raitt meets Pat Benatar sound combined with her country roots is going to fill a void in country music”, says Go Time Records President, Kent Wells. 

“Working with Kent is an amazing experience.  I learned & continue to learn a lot from him.  He taught me better breathing techniques, taught me patience and continues to encourage me long after the project is over.” 

While Sonia very much enjoys making music that stems from her country music roots; her music also caters to the new generation of contemporary country music fans as well as the fans of southern rock.  Although her dream of performing this music in a sold out arena is important to her, she reminds us of what is most important to her at the end of the day. 

“I’ll really feel like I’ve “made it” when one of my songs makes a real impact on at least one persons life.  If my music can touch someone’s life, change them in someway & perhaps make them feel something that they’ve never felt before then mission accomplished.” 

The 10-song CD expected to release in 2017 features tracks (such as “I’m Sorry,” “Fly,” and “Who Knew”) that touch on unexpected friendships, perseverance, hope, love and determination.  An “artistic project of truth,” the compilation is a reflection of personal experiences and obstacles and was created as a reminder that you can overcome and accomplish anything you set out to do. 

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